Married in the Mall – a roaring success!

Recently the Richmond Mall beat 27 other malls and was recognised as having the best promotional campaign to run last year – and we were with them every step of the way!

‘Married in the Mall’ saw 25,000 people get involved, nominating and voting for a couple to be married in the Richmond Mall and win $27,000 worth of prizes. David Hill (Richmond Mall) and Steve Page (Waimea Weekly) came up with the concept, and we helped visualise this ambitious idea. The promotion has the opportunity for global exposure, as it now has the chance to win international shopping centre awards in Australia and USA.

We also work with the Richmond Mall on their School Holiday programmes, with the latest focussed around the Nelson Aero Club. Plane enthusiasts were encouraged to bring their own displays along, and anyone was welcome to come and find out what the Nelson Aero Club is all about. It was a roaring success!

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